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Malia Torres


About the Artist

" I have been painting professionally in homes and businesses  publicly and privately for over 20 years ..In my love of the arts, I paint with many different styles and mediums...but mainly specialize in murals and fine art, in acrylics and watercolor, pencil/charcoal & Pen & Ink...AND.. the occasional wood carving and sculpture."

"As a professional artist I have been told that my work makes my customers feel at peace and a feeling of enjoyment when they view my art work.. It is that, the inner peace, and excitement of the creative part of our nature that makes me feel profound and accomplished as an artist. And it also that ability,  I wish to share and invoke in a blossoming artists' mind"~Malia

Malia , a Native Hawaiian now living in Eastern NC and locally known for her murals and fine art, and painted mannequins and fine art services.

Let Muralistic Mannequins help bring your creative expression to life..

Aloha....Loosely translated in Hawaiian means....may the secret of the breath of life go with you always.......We live our lives with the Aloha Spirit.

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